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Monero miner for your desktop or laptop. One-click to start earning the cryptocurrency that puts privacy first.

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Optimized for Earning

FreedomXMR analyzes your computer hardware and seamlessly adjusts algorithms to mine in the most efficient way. Whether you have an old laptop or a brand-new gaming machine, FreedomXMR helps earn you the most Monero possible.

Simple Interface

Striving to be easy to understand, FreedomXMR's minimalist UI is designed to show you just what you need to know. Cryptocurrency shouldn't be rocket science, so we try to keep things simple. And that's not a bad thing.

Open Source

It is sage advice to be wary of strangers. Yet, millions of people run apps programmed by complete strangers, every day. We believe trust should be earned, not assumed, so we're proud to say that FreedomXMR is 100% open source. Take a peek at our code, any time you want.

Our Mission

We at Freedom XMR believe that Monero will change the world. As an anonymous currency, Monero offers unrivaled financial power that can be used for almost any end imaginable. It has the qualities all liberty loving people desire. The freedom to conduct a monetary transaction with no trace gives unprecedented power to the individual in a world that is increasingly constrained and tyrannical.

In honor of the emancipation Monero brings to humanity, we have named our pool Freedom XMR to remind others why this currency is so special. We believe in making Monero easy and accessible to all, which is why the Freedom XMR pool has one of the most effortless mining programs available. Lightweight, open-source, free, simple, easy to update for optimizations, and for both Mac and Windows, just click the mining button and your computer does the rest - but make sure you have your wallet set up! Enjoy the passive income!

Of course, freedom without trust is meaningless as well, which is why Freedom XMR also offers a face and a name for one of the admins running the server. I personally guarantee that all funds earned by those who join the pool will be recompensed fairly. I know that because of Monero's extreme anonymity, it is very easy for pool admins to cheat users out of their share by falsely reporting how many miners participate, allow botnets onto the server, or falsely reporting how much Moneroj are earned. There will be none of that at Freedom XMR, and by attaching my name and reputation to this project you can be sure I will not let this server reflect poorly of me.

We welcome all participants in this freedom project, as we help to build a new monetary system that is not at the political and financial whims of greedy elites.

Thank you for choosing Freedom XMR!

For Newbies

  • Be sure to use a cooling pad when mining with a laptop!

  • Mac users: Hold "Control" and right click "Open" to run the program as "Unverified Source"